Other Fun Stuff

Fun Videos

5 Gaming Pet Peeves
30 Facts About Me
Console Vs. Handhelds
Digital Vs. Physical Games
My Most Desired Games
My Most Disappointing Games
My Most Nostalgic Games
My Perfect JRPG
Remembering Video Game Rentals
Why You Should Buy a Wii U
My Top 10 PS Vita Games

20th Anniversary of the Nintendo 64
25th Anniversary of the Super Nintendo


Femtrooper at the 2015 Calgary Expo
Femtrooper at 2015 Otafest
Femtrooper at the 2016 Calgary Expo
Femtrooper at 2016 Otafest
Femtrooper at the 2017 Calgary Expo – Part 1 | Part 2
Femtrooper at 2017 Otafest
Femtrooper at the 2018 Calgary Expo
Femtrooper at 2018 Otafest

Pokémon 20th Anniversary Special

Femtrooper’s Guide to Asian Music

  1. Introduction
  2. Styles
  3. Styles: The Stereotype
  4. Styles: The Girl Groups
  5. Styles: The Boy Groups
  6. Styles: The Confident Songstress
  7. Styles: The Distinctly Asian Yet Western Jack of All Trades
  8. Styles: The Ultimate Pop Star

Femtrooper’s Top 100 Asian Pop Songs

Music Stuff

My Top 10 Asian Pop Songs of 2017


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