My Top Asian Pop Songs (20-11)

Yay!  We made it to the Top 20!  These are songs I REALLY love and can listen to over and over again!  Let’s start it off with PSY!

20. Napal Baji – Psy (2015)

The song title literally means ‘Bellbottoms’ in English…but who cares!?  This song is funky as hell and another amazing track from Psy!  Psy knows how to make great top hits that are fun AND good.  Who doesn’t want to dance with Psy when you watch and/or listen to this?  I honestly want to crank this so loud and get down.

19. Daddy – Psy feat. CL (2015)

Again, like Napal Baji, this is honestly just fun and has a great beat.  He really knows how to create amazing hooks and although CL could have been used more in this song, her one line adds so much to this song.  I realize this song is silly and not by writing standards ‘excellent songwriting’ but as far as enjoyment goes, this song is top 20 worthy!!!

18. Taboo – Koda Kumi (2008)

Another awesome poppy hit from Kuu-chan.  I don’t have a lot to say about this song other than I really like it a lot.  Koda Kumi certainly isn’t as deep as Ayumi Hamasaki, but she is fun and creates lots of great pop hits.

17. Gangnam Style – Psy (2012)

I remember when I first heard this song and that it was supposed to be a popular song (or something…) and I instantly fell in love.  It was weird, but so damn catchy with an amazing beat (not to mention that dance!).  Then before I knew it, everyone in the world knew the song and the dance.  I was so excited that an Asian pop song was popular!  I realize it’s kind of cliche to put Gangnam Style as my favourite Psy song but it is.  It introduced me to Psy and so it’s a little nostalgic!

16. show girl – Koda Kumi (2009)

Cute, funky, and a little silly, this is the Koda Kumi I love so much!!!  The video is super adorable too and fits the song so much.

15. WARNING – Ayumi Hamasaki (2015)

Ayu’s rock sound is my favourite style that she does.  Her heavy songs are just bliss to me.  She is so damn fierce in this song!  I was so happy she released a track like this because it had been a little while since she had.

14. Catch Me If You Can – Girls’ Generation (2015)

The actual melody in this song is why I love it so much.  It’s a little mysterious, a little creepy, a little devious…and this is the type of style that I love Girls’ Generation for so much!  The video shows off their incredible dance moves (damn they get so in-sync) and the beat in the chorus is fantastic.  When this first came out, I couldn’t stop listening to it!  Great vocals in this too.  They are the most well known group for a reason.

13. Mirrorcle World – Ayumi Hamasaki (2008)

Let me introduce you to the masterpiece that is Mirrorcle World.  Wow.  The opening to this is so emotional and elegant with strings only…and then we see Ayu walking in Paris being hunted down and things start to get a little interesting.  Her signature rock sound comes in full force and she does not disappoint.  Her ability to go from something so heavy to calm and collected with harp and strings is incredible.  It’s an emotional ride but oh so fun.  CRANK IT.

12. Twinkle – Girls’ Generation TTS (2012)

More TTS!!!  When Girls’ Generation decided to do a sub-unit with only Taeyeon, Seohyun and Tiffany, I was interested!  Each amazing singers, they fit so well together as a trio.  TTS has a little bit of a different sound than Girls’ Generation, they like to get kinda funky and soulful and I dig it!  The three of them rock in this and vocally are superb.  I just love everything about this song and how into it each girl gets.

11. Sixth Sense – Brown Eyed Girls (2011)

This was the first song I ever heard from Brown Eyed Girls and I was HOOKED instantly.  The use of 70s strings and a military-esque vibe?  YES PLEASE.  The strings combined with their incredible vocals makes this song so great, not to mention the fast drums and fun video!  Like seriously, these girls SLAY.

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