Top 10 Pokémon Town Themes

After playing Pokémon Yellow for several hours, I started to think about my favourite Pokémon music.  While a vast majority of my favourite Pokémon music comes from the first generation of games, I do like the music in the other games and in order to spread it out a bit more, I decided to make a list of my Top 10 Pokémon Town Themes!  This way I was bound to feature more music from games other than from the first generation.  Town music is a huge factor in RPGs and the Pokémon series knows just how to get you to remember a place purely based off of the music.  Let’s start with my Number 10 spot!

10. Mistralton City – Pokémon Black/White

This song is super upbeat and fun with a little bit of mystery.  This song really gets you pumped and ready for battle!  Although I admit that my time with the Black/White generation of games is a little blurry, this song is definitely a standout.  It suits the game so much and really makes you want to keep going on your adventure.

9. Littleroot Town- Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

I really like this song as a starting point to the games.  The origin town themes are supposed to be calm and soothing, but this one to me is a standout.  Peaceful and innocent – basically you when you start the game!  You don’t know much about Pokémon yet and you are pretty naive, and this theme gets that point across.  You want to start your adventure, but you’re a little scared (with excitement!).  It’s overall just a very pleasant theme to listen to.

Here is the updated version of the song for the re-releases, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.  I actually like the original version best!

8. Sootopolis City – Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

This song is a little sad, but somehow remains a little upbeat.  It’s sort of tragic in a way.  There is something about it I just love!  I also love the layout of Sootopolis, just a really unique place to be in the game.  Perhaps because the city is tucked away like that, it is a little sad.

Here is the updated version of the song from the re-releases, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.  Both are great, but the original is a bit more raw, and I like that.

7. Violet City/Olivine City – Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal

Upbeat, childish, and oh so Game Boy.  This theme is comforting and so damn happy.  I don’t know what it is, but it’s just such a charming little song.  It’s such a true Pokémon song.

The updated version from Heart Gold/Soul Silver is nice, but it doesn’t capture the magic that the original theme has.

6. Ecruteak City/Cianwood City – Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal

This song has all the feels – and I think it’s more from the anime than it is from the game.  Although the game version is excellent and very soothing and peaceful, it is the anime theme that is incredible.

Whenever songs are orchestrated, they are usually better and in the case of this song, the orchestra brings out the true emotion of the song.  This is why I love the Pokémon anime so much – the music.  They truly bring it in the music department.  For a 20 minute show, the music is honestly phenomenal.  When it truly picks up, it’s an incredibly emotional piece.  It’s more than just ‘Ecruteak City’, it’s the adventure you embark on as a trainer.

5. Laverre City – Pokémon X/Y

A fantastic waltz from the Pokémon X/Y series.  The music to this game was really incredible and also sounds amazing for a handheld video game.  This song is romantic, a little quirky, and just really charming.  Check out the anime version:

It just has more power due to the orchestra used, but again, the game version is excellent.

4.  Snowbelle City – Pokémon X/Y

Another moving piece of music and to my surprise again, from the latest entries.  Sometimes I forget how great the Pokémon series is as a whole and have to remember that X and Y gave us some fantastic music.  Mature at times, but still innocent.

The track from the anime is just as moving, if not more.  Another incredible waltz.

 3. Azalea Town/Blackthorn City – Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal

This song reminds me of being a kid, no worries, and just hanging out at recess playing Pokémon.  I always associate my true ‘kid’ years (age 10) with Pokémon, and this song seems to capture that magic perfectly.  Although Gold and Silver aren’t as nostalgic to me, this song somehow captures the nostalgia perfectly.

2. Lavender Town – Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow

Now, this song is usually everyone’s top spot, but for me, I was thinking realistically, which would I rather listen to all the time on repeat?  The one I picked for #1 or Lavender Town?  Honestly, as much as Lavender Town is incredible and everyone’s #1 for a reason, I don’t realistically want to hear it on repeat.  It is a great song though and is absolutely creepy.  It fits the town perfectly.  This has got to be one of the best horror-themed songs in a video game due to its simplicity combined with the eerie key.  It’s almost stoic.  It’s incredibly nostalgic for me and the only town theme from the original series to make it on the list!  The Pokémon music from Generation 1 is incredible, but when it comes to town themes, so many of the other games have it beat.  Lavender Town should honestly be on everyone’s list because it’s original and unique.

The orchestral version of Lavender Town is pretty damn creepy and there is honestly SO much you can do with this theme.  The addition of the choir certainly makes it even spookier!

Again, every version you find is a little different and they are all fantastic.  Just overall an amazing piece of music.

1. Cyllage City – Pokémon X/Y

We now come to my #1 spot, Cyllage City!  This song is honestly just the best.  It’s very 80s/90s fusion mixed with modern beats and middle eastern influence.  It makes me think of being on a bicycle in a huge city and going on your adventure.  It’s fun, but it’s so damn cool.  I could listen to this on repeat for hours.  This is just the ultimate song for me from the series, and oddly enough, it happens to be from the most recent games.  I’ll admit that is shocking to me, but it goes to show that the series continues to release awesome music.  I would love to hear a true live version of this or even just an orchestrated version.

Interestingly, I never ended up with any songs from Gen IV, Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.  While the games themselves are great, it may be the generation of Pokémon that doesn’t stand out to me.

With Pokémon Sun & Moon coming out soon, I am so excited to hear what they have to offer in the music department.  Perhaps my list will change and some Sun/Moon tracks will appear on the list in the future!  I sure hope so because the music from the Pokémon series is quite good.  More Pokémon music lists to come (because I love lists SO MUCH and I love Pokémon!)!

What are your favourite town themes from the Pokémon series?

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