My Top Asian Pop Songs (60-51)

I can’t believe we’re almost half way!  Let’s start the list off with a really cool song from Ayumi Hamasaki that is pretty different from her normal stuff.

60. Sexy Little Things – Ayumi Hamasaki (2010)

Ayu may have a signature style, but she transitions from genre to genre so much that she is an enigma.  She can do a song like this and then put out something that is very hard rock and pop influence combined with soft orchestral genres.  This song makes me thing very much of the electro swing trend going on right now (which I love) with a bit of an Ayu twist.  Such a fun and unique song!

59. Sukiyaki (Ue o Muite Arukou) – Kyu Sakamoto (1961)

Perhaps unexpected, but I absolutely love this song.  The changes are incredible and very emotional.  This song is also important as it actually got airplay in the west back in the 60s…kind of like how Gangnam Style was so popular outside of South Korea.  Simply put, this is a beautiful song.

58. Thin – Elva Hsiao (2010)

Kind of a silly song, but one I have always just liked.  Maybe it’s because I tried to actually sing the lyrics, or the fact that it’s just so damn catchy.  Either way, I love this song.

57. Shake That Brass – Amber feat. Taeyeon (2015)

A member of f(x), Amber is honestly femininity goals.  She goes against the norm of what real femininity is and does her own thing.  I love that in an industry of stereotypical femininity, Amber is very popular and can inspire young girls to be whoever they want to be.  Now this song?  This song reminds me of an early 00s Aaron Carter song and I freaking love that.  Amber kicks ass, and so does Taeyeon as a feature!!!

56. Love&Girls – Girls’ Generation  (2013)

I realize this is cheesy, silly, and a bit juvenile, but dammit, it makes me want to dance in the street like an idiot.  I just love this song!!!

55. Mamma Mia – Narsha feat. SunnyHill (2011)

A member of Brown Eyed Girls, Narsha definitely brings the BEG sound to this track of her own with that 70s sound they always strive for.  Narsha is FIERCE.

54. Freeeeze!! – Aural Vampire (2004)

Something a little different yet again!  Aural vampire is an industrial darkwave electro group from Japan that may persuade you into checking out the genre.  I already like darkwave stuff in English or in various European languages, but in Japanese, it’s pretty damn awesome.  It’s the kind of music you might hear if vampires had night clubs.

53. THE REPOMAN – Aural Vampire (2004)

Again, more awesome darkwave stuff from Aural Vampire.  This also kinda makes me want to dance…REPOMAN!

52. Party Queen – Ayumi Hamasaki (2012)

While I love this song because of the feel and the beat, I love it even more because I was in the first audience to hear it for the first time!  She debuted it at her first Countdown Live Concert in 2011 on December 29th and I was in the audience at Yoyogi Stadium!  I remember thinking, “I’ve never heard this before…what is this?”  I was so excited when the actual album was released and then I could listen to this on repeat.

51. MAMA – EXO-K (2012)

This song sounds so awesomely evil and makes me sad that boy groups in the west are not this cool.  The dancing in this is top notch and the song itself reminds me of something a villain would sing in a Disney movie.  As far as boy groups go, this is my favourite by far!  Definitely their best single.

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