My Top 100 Asian Pop Songs (80-71)

Who will we see on the list this time?  Coming in at #80, it’s Orange Caramel again with their track, ‘My Copycat’.

80. My Copycat – Orange Caramel (2014)

Another silly song from Orange Caramel, My Copycat is bouncy, upbeat, and has a touch of electro swing in it.  These guys are ridiculous, and that’s a huge part of the appeal.

79. Megumi No Hito – Koda Kumi (2010)

I love Koda Kumi, and this is a track from her covers album which completely modernizes the song!  I totally recommend listening to the original song by Kinnikuman because it’s pretty funny too.  This song is another slightly silly song, but has its moments of seriousness.

78. U&I – Ailee (2013)

Ailee is one of the best vocalists in South Korea and you can tell in ‘U&I’.  She has a bit of a motown sound infused with Beyonce and is very powerful.

77. – Lee Hi (2012)

Another one of the strong vocalists in South Korea, Lee Hi is still very young, but I have a feeling that her career is going to sore.  She has so much personality and such a strong voice that I am excited to see what she brings in the future!

76. Paradise Lost – GAIN (2015)

An epic track from GAIN of Brown Eyed Girls and she does not hold back!  It’s sexy, it’s a bit creepy, and it’s really catchy.  Definitely a solid track!

75. Honey Trap – Jolin Tsai (2010)

A poppy electro track from Jolin Tsai that is so fun and slightly mysterious.  I love this song and remember it being one of the first Jolin tracks I ever heard.  The backgrounds and Jolin’s soft vocals in the verses are super awesome!

74. Don’t Touch Me – Ailee (2014)

More Ailee and more of her retro sound!  She reminds me a bit of an Amy Winehouse mixed with Adele and Duffy.

73. Hurricane Venus – BoA (2010)

BoA has such a unique vocal style, and it fits so well with her electro-pop style that she effortlessly dances to like a BOSS.  She is all about the awesome dance routines and this video is no exception.  Again, it’s a pop song, but it’s a fun one and I love it.

72. PonPonPon – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (2011)

KPP had to make the list, and her first song is probably her most famous!  I heard this song a few years ago because it was so ridiculous, it went viral, but I found myself kind of liking it…  It’s so cliche Japanese, but that’s a huge part of their culture and why I love the culture!  KPP loves having things in her music videos be ugly and cute at the same time.  Keep it up KPP!

71. Kira Kira Killer – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (2014)

PonPonPon might be hilarious, but Kira Kira Killer is even better!  This song is awesome and I actually like the melody in it!  The video is also equally as amazing!

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