My Top Asian Pop Songs (40-31)

I can’t believe we are already at Song #40!!!  We are really getting to the songs that I truly love the most.  Some really good stuff in this post!  Let’s start it off with the fabulous Brown Eyed Girls!

40. Abracadabra – Brown Eyed Girls (2009)

One of their first songs, this song is still just as awesome as it was six years ago.  Electronic, powerful, and oh so fun.  The dance in this song is equally as infectious as the beats used.  Great singers and great dancers, Brown Eyed Girls are amazing and you will be seeing more of them!

39. Miss Chic – Elva Hsiao (2010)

Another totally awesome track from Elva Hsiao that I find myself attempting to sing along to!  Very ‘Tron’ inspired, the video to this is great and super fun.  I just love the beat and composition to this song.  Great stuff from Elva!

38. Pop Diva – Koda Kumi (2011)

Koda Kumi brings it again in this fun dance track.  Synthy, electronic, and oh so poppy.  She always rocks it!

37. decision – Ayumi Hamasaki (2007)

An extremely powerful rock ballad from Ayumi Hamasaki that has elements of rock and metal (her signature style).  I love her ‘heavier’ songs like this simply because the sections that are softer contain very emotional orchestrations and strings and then her band always comes in full force for the chorus.  She may use this format a lot, but it’s why I love her so much and what makes her so unique.  Gotta love Yo-chan’s amazing guitar solos!

36. My All – Ayumi Hamasaki (2008)

I have included a live version of this song because it’s the reason I love it so much.  Typically, she will end concerts with this song because her fans are her ‘all’ and mean so much to me.  She usually cries during the singing of this song because she truly gets emotional over her fans and all they have given her.  I get all emotional just listening to it.  When I saw her sing it live, I don’t remember if she cried or not, but I know she was emotional regardless.  This is just a great song overall.

35. Audience – Ayumi Hamasaki (2000)

(updated video as original video was removed)

Another live performance for you!  Although a lot of her early stuff sounds the same (this is very similar to Trauma and UNITE!), but it is damn enjoyable regardless!  Ayu’s early stuff got me into her music, so I love these songs.  Similar to the song ‘Evolution’, there is a break where she usually has dancers show off some moves, and then of course, a solo from her guitar player Yo-chan!  Her format for her earlier songs may be repetitive, but it brings me back to the early 00s and a time when Ayu was a new thing for me.

34. Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimitachi yo – Momoiro Clover Z (2012)

This is honestly why I love Momoiro Clover Z so much!  It’s cliche, it’s silly, but it’s also so damn creepy and whimsical in the best way possible.  The song has so many interesting chords and verses.  Very magical, I love it!

33. Scream – 2NE1 (2012)

Great feel, great beats, awesome singing from all the girls and great rapping from CL as usual.  This is one of 2NE1’s strongest songs and you definitely want to crank it!

32. UNITE! – Ayumi Hamasaki (2002)

(updated video as original video was removed)

UNITE! was the first Ayumi Hamasaki song I ever heard and I instantly fell in love with her.  She was poppy and she reminded me a Japanese Britney Spears, but she was a little different as her music contained orchestral elements and hard rock.  It was very different from the music we were getting in the west and I remember thinking it was amazing instantly.  I remember going on Napster, Limewire, or whatever program I was using at the time and trying to find whatever Ayu stuff I could find and then burning them onto a CD so I could listen to them on the bus to school!  Back then, J-Pop or K-Pop was not common place stuff like it is now.  You mention Psy or Girls Generation to someone and a lot of people will know what you are talking about, but not back in 2003 (the year I am 99% sure I discovered Ayu!).  The first concert I ever saw of Ayu’s was her Stadium Tour 2002 A.  She opened with UNITE! and I have been hooked ever since!

31. Boys and Girls – Ayumi Hamasaki (1999)

Another classic Ayumi Hamasaki song from her earliest days as a pop star.  Again, one of the first songs I ever heard of hers; a lot of these old ones sound VERY similar like I’ve mentioned.  They are all a little different, but the similarity is why I like them.  Old Ayu is why I fell in love with her.  This also applies with early Britney Spears…Oops! I Did It Again, …Baby One More Time, (You Drive Me) Crazy…they all kinda sound the same too.

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