My Top 100 Asian Pop Songs (90-81)

Last time we had artists from three different countries…let’s see what we get with the following ten songs!

90. make it happen – Namie Amuro (2011)

A fun tune by Namie Amuro featuring the K-Pop group, After School that is slightly retro and slightly dreamy.

89. Agent J – Jolin Tsai (2007)

This song isn’t even trying to hide the obvious sampling of John Barry’s James Bond theme, but somehow it works for a pop song from Taiwan…  I just love it!  It was also one of the first songs I heard of Jolin’s, which definitely made me curious to find out what else she did.

88. Fantastic Baby – BIGBANG (2012)

Definitely one of the most iconic K-Pop boy group songs of all time, Fantastic Baby has an awesome feel and a great electronic beat.

87. MTBD – 2NE1 (CL Solo) (2014)

CL is one of my favourite K-Pop artists and she is an AWESOME rapper.  This is certainly not the last you will see of 2NE1 and CL on this list!  Since she was raised in France and can speak English fluently along with Korean and Japanese, she can rap very well in English.  I am really looking forward to her true American debut.  C’mon Scooter Braun!  Jeeze!

86. Love Machine – Morning Musume (2000)

An oldie, but a goodie!  Morning Musume is one of the first groups I ever heard from Asia and Love Machine was one of the first non-English Asian songs I ever heard.  This brings me back to being an awkward 14 year old discovering various music via Napster or the other file sharing programs that existed in the early 2000s.  Early 2000s Japanese music sounds like it’s from the 70s…but I like that!  This is damn awesome.

85. Gee – Girls’ Generation (2009)

One of Girls’ Generation’s first songs and one that has become a classic at this point.  It’s silly, it’s cliche, but how can you not like it?  It’s catchy AF.  Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby…dammit!

84. Mr. Taxi – Girls’ Generation (2011)

Another catchy tune from one of my favourites!

83. Falling in Love – 2NE1 (2013)

This pop infused reggae song from 2NE1 is upbeat, catchy, and most of all, features some awesome rapping from the amazing CL!

82. Fire – 2NE1 (2009)

2NE1’s debut song and a damn awesome one at that.  The girls are fierce and show that Asian pop stars can be more than just ‘cute’.

81. Naked – Namie Amuro (2011)

Another song that reminds me of my time spent in Japan as Namie’s latest concert tour was out on blu-ray and was playing in various stores.  I had already been a Namie fan for awhile, but I definitely enjoy this track!

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