One thought on “Digital Vs. Physical Games

  1. TooHardForAmericans says:

    Paige, I hope that you see this comment one day, because I want to recommend a game on the PS Vita to you. It’s a 2D platformer called Sayonara Umihara Kawase Chirari. It is one of the most thorough and robust remasters this generation, as well as being one of the generation’s best games in general. A great “gamer’s game” for anyone- disgruntled retrogamers who thinks modern games are full of handholding and bloat, niche gamers who despise the oversaturation of certain franchises/genres, and most importantly, those who own a Vita and constantly complain that they never have anything to play on it.
    What it is, is a fun platformer where you can jump (of course) while having a fish hook tied to an extendable/retractable cord that you use in creative ways to swing around levels. Don’t let the fact that it stars adorable girls in vibrant worlds filled with soft music fool you- the Umihara Kawase games are very difficult and require intense dedication to master. Fortunately, this games gives you two other characters: Noko Yokoyama, who can slow down time, and Emiko, who gets checkpoints in the already-short levels (and can die after getting to one without even losing a life). There are also tutorials (which can easily be turned off in the options menu), but beyond that, you’re on your own. Umihara Kawase games can be completed in a matter of minutes, but experienced players have gone through the steady uphill journey of improving and training in order to get there. I understand that your tastes are mainly rooted in modern-day RPGs like Earthbound and Pokemon, and in the areas of story and character, Umihara Kawase might disappoint you, as there is none to speak of. The English downloadable version is very cheap on the Vita’s PSN, and Japanese physical copies will work on any region of the PS Vita. It’s an overall inexpensive, serviceable platformer that delivers on short, satisfying play sessions and well-crafted gameplay challenges. Watch this trailer and see if you like it here:

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