Genre Hate?

I have noticed in the gaming community that there is a little bit of resistance with regards to sports.  What I mean is, a lot of gamers DO NOT like sports, and perhaps this is vice versa.  Why can’t you enjoy watching football and love playing JRPGs?  Why the hate?

As someone who enjoys several genres within the video game world, I find it annoying when gamers who tend to play one genre don’t treat other gamers of another genre with any respect.  They find gamers who play certain games as not being ‘real’ gamers and thus cannot take them seriously.  I’ll be honest, I find it a little annoying when I find out that someone plays only ONE genre.  For example, there are people out there who only play first person shooters.  They won’t play sports games, puzzle games, platformers, RPGs, visual novels, nothing – just first person shooters.  My response to that is that they are missing out on so many types of games; so their loss.  However, does this mean that to be a real gamer you have to enjoy and play all the genres, or does becoming a master of one count as well?  There are people that only play top-down strategy games and nothing else, but does that make them less of a gamer than someone who plays sports games and platformers?

This topic has always interested me because I find that there can be an elitist attitude from JRPG fans and a jock attitude from those who only play shooters.  Fans of JRPGs tend to think they are much more superior and intellectual because they like playing strategy games and games with lots of emotion and story.  It’s almost the same thing as those who read ‘novels’ and those who read ‘comics’.  Shooters are just child’s play.  But with those who just play shooters almost see those who only play JRPGs as nerds and geeks.  They are playing the manly games and to play a JRPG would only be emasculating.

It all comes down to what exactly is a real gamer?  Or rather, a hardcore gamer?  What makes someone truly THAT hardcore?  There are people that only play sports games, but dedicate their lives to that one genre and become experts.  I think when it comes down to it, if you love to play games and enjoy what you play, you are a true gamer.  Whether or not you play all genres, or dabble in platformers once in a blue moon, we are all gamers.  Some people refuse to play handheld games, and some people refuse to play certain series.  What we like is what we like.  I would only recommend that for those who think certain genres aren’t true video games, step out of your comfort zone and play something you normally wouldn’t.  Scared to play Dark Souls?  Give it a shot (and yes, I am talking to myself).  Think handheld games aren’t as good as console games?  Play one.  Think sports are lame?  Play a sports game; maybe even a Mario sports title to get you started.  The sole purpose of gaming is for leisure and fun, so whatever you like shouldn’t make you any more or any less of a gamer.  Gamers unite!

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