My Top Asian Pop Songs (50-41)

What will we see on the list today!?  First up is an extremely cliche song by Girls’ Generation… ;P

50. Oh! – Girls’ Generation (2010)

One of the earlier Girls’ Generation tracks that is extremely stereotypical and silly, but there is something so awesome about it.  It’s Asian pop at it’s more obvious!  Bubbly, girly, and VERY poppy, Oh! is one of Girls’ Generation’s classic songs at this point.

49. Can’t Nobody -2NE1 (2010)

A badass song from 2NE1 where every girl shines.  I love that in the case of 2NE1, you can truly grow to love each girl because they get equal screen time.  All four girls are fantastic and have very different styles and vocal styles.  An early song for them, but nonetheless a great pop track.

48. Do You Love Me – 2NE1 (2013)

This song is SO MUCH FUN!  I love trying to sing along with it!  It has awesome electro club beats without trying to sound too generic like a lot of songs out there.  Nothing with CL can truly be generic because she always shines, but then again, so do Dara, Minzy, and Bom – damn, what a great quartet, if you will.

47. Wild – Namie Amuro (2009)

For some reason it is REALLY hard to find this song on YouTube…disappointing.  Either way, it’s funky, groovy, and has a great beat.  A fantastic Namie song!

46. Black Diamond feat. Double – Namie Amuro (2011)

A great pop song with minor and diminished vibes.  I just love it, kinda sounds like a crime duo song or something.  This is the Namie I love!  I wish more of her stuff was like this!!!

45. Next Level – Ayumi Hamasaki (2009)

An amazing rock ballad from Ayu that slowly builds into something amazing.  This is why I love her so much.  She can take something soft and turn it into something really powerful and strong.  Sounds like a montage to a hero in a video game finding out their true potential.  That was geeky, wow.

44. Fly High – Ayumi Hamasaki (1999)

Really early Ayu, but this is why I fell in love with her.  Happy and fun and then heavy rock fused with pop.  She really is her own thing and no one sounds like this in the west at all.  When I discovered her, I was in aw.  There is so much feeling in this song with the way the chords change, it’s incredible.

43. Trauma – Ayumi Hamasaki (1999)

(updated video as original video was removed)

An early track from Ayu but an awesome one.  A lot of her earlier stuff all sounds the same, but I have a lot of nostalgia and memories tied with her early songs.  Brings me back to junior high and first discovering Asian music for the first time.

42. No Man’s Land – Koda Kumi (2012)

A hard rock song with funk influences.  A darker song for Koda Kumi, but she nails it.  This is a really interesting song as it changes a lot and is kinda badass!

41. Show Me Your Holla – Koda Kumi (2014)

(video updated since old video taken down from YouTube)

Somehow this song was REALLY hard to find a clip of, so this will have to do.  Either way, Kuu-chan shows that she is a true diva and a pop sensation with this song!

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