My Top 100 Asian Pop Songs (100-91)

I decided to challenge myself and come up with a top 100 Asian pop songs list…and sure enough, I came up with a list.  It was definitely hard (especially deciding if something was more of a 55 than a 57…it’s obviously not precise, but it’s my list of my Top 100 Asian Pop Songs!  There are artists from various countries, and I did that because so many people make lists of their favourite J-Pop or K-Pop songs, but never Asian songs.  I like so many different artists and I could care less what language they sing in if the music is awesome.  Hopefully you’ll discover some new songs along the way!  Let’s start the list off with my #100 song!

100. Super Girl – Elva Hsiao (2012)

What can I say, I dig Elva sometimes and although this isn’t my favourite song by her due to the chorus being pretty generic, the verses are super fun and sometimes creepy.

99. Happy Loving – Cyndi Wang (2009)

This song might be pretty cheesy, but I really like it and it was one of the first songs I probably heard in respect to C-Pop.  It’s bouncy and fun!

98. Electric Shock – f(x) (2012)

Electronic, fun, what else is there to say?  These guys remind me of a younger Girls’ Generation but with a bit more spunk and sass.  Also, who doesn’t love Amber?

97. Stress – Taeyeon (2016)

(updated video as older video was removed from YouTube)

Taeyeon had a solid debut as a solo artist (she is a member of Girls’ Generation), but the singles weren’t my favourites, instead this song got my attention.  It’s INCREDIBLY western, but that’s okay – it’s fun and I like it.

96. Run Devil Run – Girls’ Generation (2010)

The first of Girls’ Generation of the list, but certainly not the last.  An earlier song of theirs that reminds me of when I first discovered them.

95. Show Girls – Girls’ Generation (2015)

(updated video as older video was removed from YouTube)

Something a little different from Girls’ Generation, very showy and definitely some fun and retro vibes!  Love it!

94. Heavy Rotation – AKB48 (2010)

This song had to make the cut simply due to the fact that it brings me memories of my time spent in Japan.  When I went there back in 2011-2012, this was CONSTANTLY playing in stores and pretty much everywhere.  The girls were at their peak and everyone was AKB48 crazy.  This song had a controversial video too, which made it gain attention in the west.  While on the list more for nostalgia, I can’t help but sing the lyrics and hum along…

93. Lipstick – Orange Caramel (2012)

Fun, bouncy, silly, a little accordion, Orange Caramel’s first entry on the list is definitely an awesome track!

92. Oh My Gosh – Seo In-Young (2011)

This song is so damn sassy and kinda bitchy, and I’ll be honest, that’s why I like it.

91. I Love You – 2NE1 (2012)

2NE1 has always been less stereotypical than other girl groups – they are more spunky and have more personality.  The leader, CL, is also majorly badass.  Not the last you will see of these guys since they are one of my favourite groups!

Click here to check out songs 90-81!

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