My Top 100 Asian Pop Songs (70-61)

Lots of variety in this installment of My Top 100 Asian Pop Songs!!!  Starting the list off is another and final Kyary Pamyu Pamyu song!

70. Fashion Monster – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (2012)

Again, more KPP with her creepy yet incredibly happy song, Fashion Monster.  This song is cute, but tries to be a little serious while still maintaining her weird image.  It will be really interesting to see what she does with her career.  I would love to see her try other genres while still somehow being Kyary Pamyu Pamyu…

69. Freak Show – AMIT (2015)

Something completely different, and I love it!!!  The intro is very eerie and medieval sounding, and then it completely goes metal.  AMIT is Amei’s alter ego and she does not hold back.  I love how melodic it is combined with her awesome operatic vocals – this is a very cool song.  I suppose it’s not really ‘pop’…but Amei normally sings pop…meh, this is my list!

68. fairyland – Ayumi Hamasaki (2006)

Ayumi Hamasaki is one of the most famous artists in Asia period.  She is the best selling female Japanese artist of all time – she is basically like the Madonna or Britney Spears of Japan.  She is just MASSIVE.  She is also my favourite artist, so you will see her several times on this list!  Her stuff is VERY different from the majority of artists on here and that’s simply due to the fact that she is just very unique.  Her songs are VERY melodic and orchestral, usually including strings.  This song is just so damn uplifting and the bridge is very cool.  She always incorporates unique melodies and sounds into her stuff.  She can have the most serious and heartbreaking moments turn into super happy ones all in the same song.  This song is great.

67. Spy – Super Junior (2012)

I just love the way this song sounds because of all the diminished chords and creepyness!!!  That is a trend I’m sure you have noticed, I just love songs that have elements of creepy…either way, this song is pretty awesome.

66. I’m Different- Lee Hi & Lee Suhyun (feat. Bobby) (2014)

More Lee Hi!!!  This is so fun and very motown influenced.  Both Lee Hi and Lee Suhyun are awesome singers and it’s so nice to see two great singers actually involved in songs where their voices are shown off.  These two are awesome together!!!

65. Shadow – f(x) (2013)

This song is very different, but it’s interesting and really relaxing.  I love it because it’s so different for the average K-Pop song and it also happens to be a really cool song.  f(x) is always hit or miss for me, but I absolutely LOVE this song.

64. Dear Santa – TTS (2015)

The first and only Christmas song on the list!  TTS is a sub-unit (kind of like Orange Caramel) but from Girls’ Generation.  Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Seohyun are very strong vocalists and the stuff they do on their own is superb.  You will see more of their stuff on the list later on.  While this song borrows from western Christmas songs and is a little generic, I love these three together and they are great singers!!!  This song is pure fun and really gets me in the mood for Christmas!  It’s rare that I find new Christmas songs that I like, but this one has become an instant classic!  They also did this song in English (complete with a video!!!):

Maybe it will become an instant classic for you… ❤

63. Sherlock – SHINee (2012)

The opening to this is SO Michael Jackson, especially with the dancing.  I really like the concept to this video and the melody.  Again…a little creepy!  I wish more western music would incorporate more minor and diminished chords into pop songs!!!  Lady Gaga does it, but it’s rare to see.

62. Mr.Mr. – Girls’ Generation (2014)

These guys are totally my bias, I love almost everything they do and this song is no exception.  The dance break in this is top notch.  These guys are like the Chanel handbags of K-Pop, they just have higher quality music than a lot of the other groups.  The production value and actual compositions are usually better.  I love how much these guys have evolved since their earlier days.

61. Genie – Girls’ Generation (2010)

Another awesome track from SNSD!  This one is a little older, but it reminds me of when I first discovered them.

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