My Top 10 Asian Pop Songs of 2017

Last year I decided I needed to keep track of all the songs I liked of each year because that way I could always look back and know what my favourite songs of the year were.  To narrow things down a bit…, here are my favourite Asian Pop Songs of 2017!

10. Charm of Life – Heechul, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Solar

Tons of fun, funky, and silly.  Something about that combination that makes this perfect for me.  It’s also done in a way that you would not hear a song like this released in the west and I love that.

9. CAMO – BoA

I tend to usually like BoA’s stuff and although this track isn’t one of my favourites, I quite enjoy it.  It’s not in your face, but has some great beats.

8. Ice Chu – Gugudan 5959 (sub unit)

I absolutely love this one.  It’s ridiculous, silly, funky, and overall super fun.  The main chorus is catchy AF and really makes you want to dance and sing along.

7. Black Suit – Super Junior

I always tend to like the style and melodies of girl groups more than boy groups from Korea…but Super Junior always has exactly what I like.  Horns, sick beats, and a lot of mystery = Super Junior.  Just an awesome super fun song.

6. All Night – Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation was certainly playing up the 80s vibe last year and I am not complaining!!!  They are a bit of a bias because they were one of the first K-Pop groups I ever heard.  Overall awesome song (wouldn’t say it was one of my favourites of theirs…but it’s still great).

5. Wannabe – Hyoyeon feat. San E

So nice to see Hyoyeon (member of Girls’ Generation) doing some solo work!!!  I absolutely loved this.  It was a little retro, a little rock ‘n roll, and really showed off how awesome Hyoyeon is.  She is known for her dancing, but she can really shine as a solo artist too!

4. Holiday – Girls’ Generation

Literally the perfect summer jam right here.  It’s so fun, upbeat, and makes me think of a fun day at the beach.  Love it!

3. Yes I Am – Mamamoo

These guys are all amazing singers and their music always showcases that which I feel makes their stuff a lot better than other groups.  They are a bit funny at times and then belt it out.  Great groove in this song and amazing vocals from all four.

2. I Luv It – PSY

Damn, this dude really knows how to write hits.  They are always SUPER strong on bass and a good beat.  The production value is great and it’s soooo damn fun.  You want to sing along every time.  Also the dancing…it adds a lot to the overall experience that is PSY, lol.

1. Jazzclub – BoA

This is the BoA that I LOVE.  It has a bit of a electro swing vibe without being an electro swing song (if that makes any sense?).  It’s the way it bounces and swings that makes it a fun hit.  The melodies are a bit diminished at times and then it gets really fun.  One of my favourite BoA songs!  The bridge where she scats is also amazing.

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