Fire Emblem Awakening Review



  • Great SRPG for people who are new to the genre as there are various difficulty modes for all skill levels.
  • Addicting SRPG gameplay with epic long battles sorted into chapters that you do not want to end.
  • Gorgeous cutscenes with unique animation that look amazing on the 3DS.
  • Perfect interface that works for experienced players and new players.
  • HUGE cast of characters to choose from and/or create (you can get married and have children that are playable characters) which means no two players’ experiences are the same.


  • Generic storyline that does not offer anything new (but then again, you don’t play this game for the story).

One thought on “Fire Emblem Awakening Review

  1. Oliver Surpless says:

    The storyline was disappointing, especially compared to its spiritual prequel, IV – Seisen no Keifu on SNES. The storyline is what makes the series superior to Shining Force to me.

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