Fire Emblem Awakening Review



  • Great SRPG for people who are new to the genre as there are various difficulty modes for all skill levels.
  • Addicting SRPG gameplay with epic long battles sorted into chapters that you do not want to end.
  • Gorgeous cutscenes with unique animation that look amazing on the 3DS.
  • Perfect interface that works for experienced players and new players.
  • HUGE cast of characters to choose from and/or create (you can get married and have children that are playable characters) which means no two players’ experiences are the same.


  • Generic storyline that does not offer anything new (but then again, you don’t play this game for the story).

One response to “Fire Emblem Awakening Review

  1. The storyline was disappointing, especially compared to its spiritual prequel, IV – Seisen no Keifu on SNES. The storyline is what makes the series superior to Shining Force to me.

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