Pokemon X & Y Review



  • The best looking Pokemon game to date; it is a huge step up from Black/White and looks gorgeous on the 3DS.
  • Levelling up is a pain free process and grinding is no longer necessary for your main party with the new experience share system.
  • Same great Pokemon gameplay you have come to know and love is there with some snazzy additions to make the game more interesting.
  • No longer is the game in an aerial view, but more of a third person perspective allowing the player to truly explore the environments and cities/towns.


  • Pokemon are not very memorable, nor are any of the characters – you do not have a rival in this game, only friends that you will run into on your adventure.
  • Much like Black/White, these games try to add in a story into the generic Pokemon storyline, but ultimately it fails because as a player, you don’t really care about the storyline or anything to do with the villains’ plot.
  • Almost next to no challenge in this game; it is by far the easiest in the series yet – barely any HMs are needed for doing anything.

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