Ni No Kuni (PS3) Review



  • One of the best looking games on the PS3 (or any platform for that matter); the cell shaded Studio Ghibli graphics are breathtaking.
  • Heartwarming story with whimsical characters.
  • Amazing musical score by Joe Hishaishi (known for his work scoring most Studio Ghibli films).
  • Fun real-time/turn based battle system.
  • Great Japanese voice acting – I cannot comment on the English voice acting as I only played it in Japanese.
  • Gorgeous world to explore with varied settings and towns.


  • Terrible A.I. that if left on their own are as good as dead; they are very useless.
  • Uninspiring ‘familiar’ system similar to Pokemon that is not necessary to play the game.
  • Could have had more Studio Ghibli cut scenes.

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