17 Feelings You Have During Oscar Season

1. At the beginning, you start thinking about all the amazing movies you are about to see in the upcoming months.

2. Tons of great movies start coming out and you try and take in all of them.

3. You start forming your own list on who should make the cut for the nominations.

5. You start getting worried when a movie you did not think deserved any recognition starts winning big at the Golden Globes.

6. You hope that that one lesser known but excellent movie you saw back in April isn’t forgotten and gets nominated.

7. The Oscar nominations are announced and you feel every emotion possible.

8. Oddly enough, it’s always a lesser known category that pisses you off the most.  Like how was THAT movie even nominated for Best Cinematography?

9. You get mad when people keep making comments about the ‘weird nominations’ that they’ve never heard of.

10. You can’t even when someone complains that a superhero movie wasn’t nominated and that the Oscars doesn’t know what they are talking about.

11. Exhaustion overtakes you as you try and see every movie on the list.

12. The day of the Oscars finally comes and it feels like Christmas.

13. You are anxious on how the opening monologue is going to go.

14. You feel on top of the world when your picks are winning.

15. You want to throw something at the screen when your pick doesn’t get the Oscar.

16. When it’s over you feel a sense of relief and anger.

17. You prepare yourself for the crappy post-Oscar season movies.


Header Image Credit: http://i.giphy.com/26uf5fcCLvVvsCMbC.gif

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