Thoughts on the 11.12.15 Nintendo Direct


I really enjoyed the latest Nintendo Direct; however, there are still a lot of things to criticize.  Let’s go through everything they bought up, shall we?

  • Twilight Princess HD
    Really excited for this!  I have always wanted to finally finish this and since it has been so long, I am excited to finally pay it again on the Wii U without motion controls.  My copy on the Wii is simply not going to get any more love.  This was a smart move Nintendo.
  • Updates on Current Games
    Nice, but I don’t care…although, it is nice to see a company provide free DLC and updates rather than make people pay for it.  Microtransactions…not a huge fan.
  • Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
    I’m sure if you’re into dungeon crawling and are a Pokemon fan, this series would be a can’t miss, but I have just never gotten into them.
  • Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival
  • Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
    Definitely a game I will pick up at some point…just not a Day 1 purchase for me.  I know people are mad that they are spending time on titles like this instead of a new Metroid, but it doesn’t bother me that much.  Mario Tennis is fun.  ’nuff said.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X
    I was going to wait on this one…but I will be honest here…after seeing more footage in this Direct, I really want the game now!  The map looks MASSIVE and the game does look amazing.  The Wii U might not have a lot of third party titles, but when they do, they bring quality.
  • Pokemon Picross
    Pass for me.  Neat if you like games like this, but not something I would ever play.
  • Random eShop Titles
    FAST Racing Neo looks awesome.  I feel like I need this.
  • Yo-Kai Watch Promotion
    At first I was mad that they were shamelessly promoting a game that was already in stores, but when I saw how funny it was, I was fine with it.  I love these Directs, PLUS Yo-Kai Watch is really solid.
  • Pokken Tournament
    Still a little iffy on this one, but it does look fun and I am a huge Pokemon fan!  Really excited to learn more about this one.
  • Star Fox Zero
    FINALLY!  A release date for this – hopefully they stick with it!  I think this has a lot of potential to be an awesome game.  I hope it does not disappoint!!!  Some people think it looks like shit, but I for one think it looks pretty cool and can’t wait to try it!
  • Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
    Please please please be a good game.  I have only played one game in the Mario & Luigi series, and two in the Paper Mario series…so I am not exactly an expert but the Mario & Luigi series was just ‘ok’ from what I played.  The Paper Mario series is one that can either be really amazing or kinda shitty…so again, please please please be a good game.  The world needs a true sequel to Super Mario RPG.
  • Final Fantasy Explorers
    I really don’t know.  Spin off games are just not my thing with something like this.  I am pretty sure this is a pass for me.  It looks like something that Final Fantasy fans don’t need or want.
  • Fire Emblem Fates Games
    I love that there are two of these PLUS a third game for those of you who are pretty hardcore.  I am so hyped for these I can’t wait!!!  FINALLY MORE FIRE EMBLEM!  Since I am new to the series, and loved what I played so far, I just can’t wait for these!  GONNA BE AMAZING!!!  And yay for some more 3DS love!  The 3DS needs some solid titles like this!!!
  • Megaman Legacy Collection
    Another awesome title that the 3DS needs!  Really cool to have a lot of the Megaman titles all in one bundle like this, especially on cartridge.  My boyfriend is definitely getting this!  And maybe I’ll play it too!
  • Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Yellow
    These are coming to the eShop and you can trade with people via wireless connection.  BUYING THIS DAY 1.  I will say no more.
  • Hyrule Warriors Legends
    Don’t care, but I am sure those who were a fan of the Wii U version may be interested.
  • Dragon Quest VII & VIII
    I am so excited for these because I really want to play them portably!  If they are for VITA too, I will get them for that instead, but I will settle for the 3DS!!!  This is excellent news.
  • Cloud as a Playable Character in Super Smash Bros
    You guys know my stance on Super Smash Bros…HUGE don’t care.  Cloud is awesome, but Smash Bros is just not my thing.  *yawn*

Overall, this was a solid Direct in my opinion, but I think the best/worst part was that the Direct was only good because of port news.  If not for the awesome ports they announced (Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, Twilight Princess HD, etc), this wouldn’t have been so awesome.  Still no Zelda U date and not a lot of other interesting titles.  Fire Emblem Fates is going to be amazing, but I wanted to see more games like Xenoblade Chronicles X or just more interesting titles instead of another Mario Tennis. Again, like I said, it’s a 50/50 thing for me.  I love games like Mario Tennis…but I also want to see some other titles that aren’t so predictable.  I guess time will only tell!

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