Movie Reviews…COMING SOON!


Last year I made a conscious effort to see A LOT of movies, and I think I did a decent job.  I watched approximately 85 movies in 2014 and made sure to see a lot of new releases.  There are around 10 or so 2014 releases that I have yet to see (and will), so I have decided that since new movies have become such a big part of my life now (I go to the theatre at least once a week), why not start writing movie reviews?  I have decided that I will only review movies from 2015+ (no 2014 releases will be included despite many of them actually going into theatres early 2015).  If it is a 2015 movie and I see it, I am going to write about it.  I don’t necessarily think I’m a movie snob, but I do know for a fact that I have become more invested in films that I normally wouldn’t have watched, oh, let’s say two years ago.  For instance, a movie like Dallas Buyers Club (2013) would have been passed on for no good reason – I just wouldn’t have seen it.  Movies like Foxcatcher (2014) and Fury (2014) are also movies I may have never seen, because I am not a war movie person and I don’t care about wrestling.  Having said all that, those particular movies were most excellent and worth the watch.  My boyfriend and I have become rather serious in our movie watching efforts and go and see all sorts of movies now, even the more obscure titles like The Congress (2013) and Under the Skin (2013).

I will also be doing a video review on my Top 10 Movies of 2014 and a written post about my Top 10 Movie Scores of 2014.  Spoiler alert, Alexandre Desplat may make the list a few times…  Please look forward to those as I can’t wait to share and discuss all of my favourite movies and scores from last year!  There have been so many amazing films to come out lately that it’s hard to choose a defined list of just 10…

You can also look forward to my Oscar predictions, which I will most likely share at the end of this month.

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