What I’ve Been Playing/Watching: July 2014

Official Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Poster by Movic

July was a pretty rough month for me video game wise.  I didn’t play many games, but I would like to think I have a good reason!  At the beginning of July, I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand (thank God not in my right – I am right handed!).    I am a dictation typist, so I basically type at 80 wpm all day.  I think since my body wasn’t use to doing such heavy typing one of my hands just gave out.  Luckily, it wasn’t too bad and I didn’t have to fill out any worker’s compensation forms, I just had to type VERY slowly, and half of the time I wore a splint.  I found a YouTube video where a guy said to wear electrical tape at the base of your hand.  Yes, it sounds weird, but it WORKED AMAZINGLY!!!  I was able to type faster and my hand healed much faster!  I would say that I still have it a bit in my left hand, but I am 99% better, because carpal tunnel syndrome doesn’t just go away that easily.  I may not feel like I have it, but it’s there.  A few weeks later, after my left hand was feeling better (I even got a new keyboard at work – the amazing Kinesis Freestyle 2!), my right shoulder decided it was its turn to give me the aches.  I found that during university after sitting on the computer writing papers, my right shoulder would get tense, and at work, it’s doing the same thing.  It got so bad it made my right arm go numb, so again, here I am at the doctor.  I had x-rays done on my neck, and turns out I have a huge muscle tension build-up in my neck/right shoulder.  I was prescribed pain killers, muscle relaxants (yay!), and a cream that is a combination of both that I can rub on my neck.  I also got a note for massage therapy and a note for physiotherapy, which I am going to be starting next week!  I am really looking forward to the physiotherapy, as I have never gone before, and it sounds like it will be of huge benefit to me.  I want to learn proper exercises I can do for my arms and hands seeing as I type all day.  I love my job, but damn, this carpal stuff has been kind of a pain!

So because of all of this, I didn’t really play games too much.  I made  a conscious effort to not really use my hands after I got home from work all July to try and let them heal for the next day of typing.  Because Sailor Moon Crystal started up in July, I decided to binge watch the entire Sailor Moon anime (Seasons 1-5) again.  Last time I watched the entire series was when I was a teenager, so it is definitely time to watch it again.  It’s something that also doesn’t require your hands, so I have been super lazy just watching the whole series.  I just started Season 4 today actually!!!  I also started reading the manga, which I have NEVER read!  Shame on me, I know.  It’s honestly fantastic.  Everyone should watch Sailor Moon, especially past Season 2, because it is actually really dark and definitely not a show for young kids.  Sure, young kids could watch it, but young kids also watch anything nowadays, so whatever.  My point is, it’s not a show made for young kids like the English dub was.  The original Japanese version of Sailor Moon is a very interesting story, and gets pretty dark at times.  I love it, and I love binge watching it!  😀

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

I am still playing this, believe it or not.  I realize I should have finished it by now, but because of my hands, I haven’t really been playing games, so I need to get back into it.  I will 100% finish it, it’s just my hands have been sore, and video games were not really something I wanted to do this month.  I have been playing it though, and I am almost done!!!  I can’t wait to start the first Professor Layton game soon!!!

Jeopardy (Wii U Version)

My boyfriend and I have been playing this quite a bit lately.  It doesn’t require any button mashing, which has been nice, and it’s edutainment at its finest.  If you like game shows, trivia, or Jeopardy in general, this is a MUST BUY.  No joke, I really enjoy trivia games that come out for the Wii/Wii U.  I am disappointed that no other trivia games have come out for the Wii U Actually!  The Wii had a lot, but so far the Wii U just has Jeopardy!  I want them to release Trivial Pursuit for the Wii U.  My fingers are crossed!

So that’s kind of it!  With my hands and my arm being all messed up, I have made July a TV month.  Also, nothing was released in July that I cared about, and to be honest, nothing in August is catching my eye.  September is going to be amazing though!  I can’t wait!  😀

– femtrooper

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