What I’ve Been Playing: June 2014


I have noticed that a lot of people do similar posts on YouTube, but I felt like this topic would be good for the written blog.  Every month I am playing something; sometimes it’s the same game I’ve been playing for almost a year, and sometimes it’s something completely new.  The past month has been rather varied, so let’s begin!

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

My boyfriend and I have decided to play this together, which by the way I love doing.  Usually single player games are best left to be played alone, but there is something really exciting about playing a Zelda game with your significant other.  We take turns every 10-15 minutes; someone is looking up maps/hints while the other person is exploring.  Somethings the person watching just watches in awe of what is going on.  It is the first time for both us playing Wind Waker, and I have to say that it looks amazing in HD on the Wii U.  A must buy for any Wii U owner.

I have always had a love/hate relationship with Zelda games because I hate puzzles, and some Zelda games can be VERY heavy on the puzzles.  I’m not saying I don’t enjoy a challenge, but I don’t like to want to break the controller in half because I can’t figure out how to open a door to get into another room in a dungeon.  Wind Waker has a good mix of challenge and obviousness.  Never have we been so frustrated that we wanted to stop playing.  Ocarina Of Time on the other hand has had the tendency to make me very upset…

We just finished Dungeon #3 and oh boy this game is fantastic.  I would say we are about 50% finished, but who knows…Zelda games have a way of surprising you.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

After hearing about the new Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton game coming out in few months I got the urge to try a Phoenix Wright game, and I knew I had to start them from the beginning.  What is my verdict so far?  This game is absolutely brilliant.  I love visual novels because they are very calming, easy to to play, but very exciting adn sometimes incredibly thrilling.  They are like reading a book that comes to life.  I am around 50% done with this game as well, and I have been playing it on my 3DS XL, which sounds like a bad idea since it’s a DS port of a Game Boy Advance game, but in actual fact it looks great.  Playing on the 3DS XL makes everything so big and exciting.

After playing Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, which has actually become one of my very favourite games ever, I knew the next logical game to play was Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.  I loved Dangan Ronpa because it was a visual novel without the annoying puzzles of 999 (which is still amazing by the way).  The cases in it were so fun to solve and I loved when each trial came up.  Phoenix Wright may not be sadistic and creepy like Dangan Ronpa, but it is still just as exciting.  You start to get really involved with the characters and the actual cases themselves.  I feel like this is a game that anyone can play, which is awesome.

Final Fantasy X: HD Remaster

I am 40+ hours into this now and at a VERY irritating boss.  I haven’t found this game to be that hard, but this one boss in particular is quite the pain.  No spoilers, don’t worry, but if you guys want to know, the boss I am at is Spectral Keeper.  He is just one big annoying asshole, and the whole deal with having to move from disc to disc is getting on my nerves.  I think I have to do a combination of level grinding and have all Yuna’s Aeons in overdrive.  I have said this about other bosses in the game and beaten them so I am not at the point of defeat, but damn, I like strategy in bosses and this one is lacking a good one.  Either way this game is fantastic and I am around 90% done.

Mario Kart 8

Yes, yes, I am still playing this game.  Who isn’t?  Just brought it to a friend’s house the other day who still doesn’t have it and we unlocked every cup for him.  My review for Mario Kart 8 will come soon.  I have a list of reviews that need to be uploaded very soon.  I unlocked Toadette the other day though, and I really like her.  Rosalina is still the best (for me) though, she just handles so well on a bike.  Also, this is another must-own title for the Wii U.  There are several out there actually, so if you are reading this and do not have a Wii U…get one…immediately!

That appears to be it for games I have been playing recently.  We shall see where I am at with all of these next week and if I am playing something new!

– femtrooper

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