Chappie (2015) Review

Finally!  A 2015 movie!  I see TONS of movies, but almost every movie in the theatres lately has still been a 2014 release, despite it coming into theatres in mid February, etc etc...  The first true 2015 movie I have seen has been Chappie, and although it is the kind of film that isn't for everyone, … Continue reading Chappie (2015) Review


My Top 5 Movie Scores of 2014

Those that know me well know that I am a HUGE score buff and that movie scores are one of my favourite genres.  Some of the first scores I ever remember hearing and noticing in a film were Danny Elfman's The Nightmare Before Christmas, James Horner's Casper, and Randy Newman's Toy Story.  Ever since then, … Continue reading My Top 5 Movie Scores of 2014